About Us

The West London Law Society was founded on 3rd February, 1960, holding its first meeting at the Cumberland hotel.

From the very start, officers of the Law Society in Chancery Lane gave encouragement. The first meeting was attended by the President, Secretary and other officers from Chancery Lane; the legal press was represented and 100 solicitors attended.

The WLLS is proud of its first 50 plus years, It has achieved much for Solicitors and has sustained camaraderie amongst the members of the profession it represents. At a time when the profession is being assailed on all sides it is vital that active measures are taken to protect our members and most effectively present their case. Sometimes the needs of solicitors will vary dependent upon their locality and the nature of their practices; it is for this reason that we have shown that there is a very real service that the WLLS can provide for its members drawn from the central London areas.

Its voice is carrying, and is powerful. Aside from its many notable achievements, the WLLS has always had one or more members representing its interests serving on the Council of the Law Society, the governing body of the Solicitors Branch of the Legal Profession. Our Committee members all devote many hours of unpaid work to serving the profession and its members, particularly our Council members, currently Lucy Scott-Moncrieff, Denise Lester and Saima Hirji.

The profession as a whole needs a strong and dynamic voice; the solicitors in West London further need representation for their special interests and characteristics. Our future very much depends upon the realisation by the members of the profession within our area that there is a need for them to support their local Society whose sole function is to support them.

We look forward to welcoming you on board..